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Country Comparison
US Economic State
US Short-Term Growth -0.18
US Medium-Term Growth -0.05
US Medium-Term Inflation 0.47
US Equity Yield 0.11
US Bond Yield 0.04
Eurozone Economic State
Eurozone Short-Term Growth -0.03
Eurozone Medium-Term Growth -0.95
Eurozone Medium-Term Inflation 0.19
Eurozone Equity Yield 0.16
Eurozone Bond Yield 0.04
UK Economic State
UK Short-Term Growth 0.52
UK Medium-Term Growth 0.15
UK Medium-Term Inflation -0.30
UK Equity Yield 0.18
UK Bond Yield -0.03
Japan Economic State
Japan Short-Term Growth -0.48
Japan Medium-Term Growth -0.61
Japan Medium-Term Inflation 0.85
Japan Equity Yield 0.17
Japan Bond Yield 0.01

The American economy is currently in a medium-term stagflation state. We are experiencing inflation with little or no economic growth. Short-term growth is also negative, which is a bad sign for US Equities. The medium-term state of the American economy has been very steady as of late; we have seen a "growth off, inflation on" state every day of the last month.
Short-term growth has been fairly steady as of late, with negative reads on most days of the last month.

Current Prior
Unemployment Rate 3.60% 3.50%
Change in Non-Farm Payrolls 225K 145K
US GDP Quarterly 2.10% 2.00%
Current Prior
CPI (YoY) 2.50% 2.30%
Industrial Production (YoY) -0.30% 1.10%
Consumer Sentiment 131.6 126.5
Current Prior
Retail Sales (MoM) 0.30% 0.20%
New Home Sales 694K 719K
Housing Starts 1567K 1608K
Dec 25 Jan 24 Feb 24
3M 1.57% 1.55% 1.55%
2yr 1.62% 1.51% 1.35%
5yr 1.71% 1.55% 1.32%
10yr 1.90% 1.73% 1.47%
30yr 2.33% 2.18% 1.91%